How Much Wine Can You Fit on a Wall?

Perhaps one of the most common questions we get when clients are beginning the wine cellar project (right after, “Do I need cooling?”) is a very simple one: “How much wine can I fit on my wall?”

The answer is, “it depends on your style.” Yup, style is a main driver of wine cellar capacity.

Are you a max-capacity, pack wine by the caseload collector or an artistic minimalist that would rather sacrifice storage for design? Here’s a handy guide to frame the amount of wine your wall or cellar will hold based on your project’s unique style.

First, which visual style suits you? From top to bottom—-> minimalism look, balanced or max capacity. Then, decide if your need for bottle capacity should shift you up or down the capacity ladder. For example, if you love the uber minimalism look but need to get a few cases stored, consider moving to toward max capacity style.

Now that you have settled on the proper style (and adjusted for practical needs), you are ready to move forward with calculating how much wine your display will hold. Now you know what fits. Let’s design a cellar for your unique space!