Wood is the most basic component which is used in the construction of Wine Cellar. Wood is used because it can undergo high humidity levels without getting damaged.
As we all know that there are many types of wood present in the market. But not all types of woods are appropriate for wine cellar. Only some variety of wood is considered to be appropriate for wine cellar. Redwood, oak, ash, alder, cherry, pine, mahogany and walnut are considered to be best for the construction of wine cellar. Out of all the varieties pine, redwood and mahogany is used widely in wine cellars.

By far the most popular wood species to use when building custom wine cellars are Pine, Redwood and Mahogany. Each wood species is unique in its own way. Like many aspects of wine cellar construction, many of your decisions will depend on whether or not a cooling system will be used; choosing your wood species is no exception.

Pine is the least expensive of the 3 popular wood types. One advantage of Pine wood is that it can be stained to match the aesthetics of the rest of the wine cellar. Additionally pine is pretty light in weight and it is moderately soft. The texture of wine is also very attractive it gives a rustic look to the floor and the walls.

Redwood is a beautiful wood species and  is for eco friendly environment. It comes in two choices – Premium Redwood and All Heart Redwood. The color of redwood is dark and consistent. The outer diameter and the inner core have different tones of colour. A factors which make redwood one among the most desirable are- it is compatible with humid environment. The wood has natural oils within it and these natural oils acts as a preservative. Redwood doesn’t decay and it is shock resistance. Last but not the least, it is non aromatic.This wood absorbs all the harmful green house gases and thus makes the environment more clean and fresh.

Mahogany is the last of the three wood species commonly used in wine cellar construction. Mahogany is ideal because it is the most durable. Another major advantage with mahogany is that it comes in a variety of colors like light tan, beige, reddish brown, deep red and salmon colored. You can choose any colour according to your choice and color scheme. Moreover mahogany is non aromatic too.

You can choose any of them in your wine cellar. Since each wood species has a different kind of quality hence you can choose the one which will fulfill your requirement. If you do not want to invest more money in your wine cellar then you can go for pine. Pine is the least expensive wood among all the wood species. You can also consult the wine cellar specialist about the design and other factors. The wine cellar specialist will suggest you the appropriate things according to your budget and requirements.