A wine cellar can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it to be. You can throw a 12-bottle pine rack in the corner of your living room, a 60-bottle metal rack in your pantry or a custom-designed cherry storage facility that holds 3000 bottles in your refurnished basement. The options for where you store your wine are endless, but there are important guidelines regarding how you store your wine that you must follow.

The first principle for starting a wine cellar is to ensure temperature control. The perfect temperature for wine storage is a constant 55°F. Lower temperatures will throw the wine into a state of dormancy. For example, storing wine in the refrigerator at near-freezing temperatures will numb the wine, making it taste flat instead of fruity and lively. Higher temperatures will not only accelerate the wine’s aging, but when kept above 75°F the wine will slowly bake.

Humidity control is another valid concern. Damp air keeps wine corks from drying out, which forces the cork to stay expanded and ensures a firm seal. Laying a bottle on its side will also ensure the cork remains moist on the inside, which is just as important to keep the cork swollen. The ideal humidity level for your cellar is 55%-85%.

Wine is also extremely light-sensitive. Be careful when you’re wine shopping, and whenever a bottle is kept on the top shelf beneath bright lights, Just foloowa simple rule – don’t buy that wine. Needless to say, keep your bottles in a dark place until it’s time to pop the cork to avoid putting a damper on your evening.

Vibration is another factor to keep in mind. Wine needs to rest without distraction or constant rumblings in the environment. Keep wine away from any motors or heaters, and if you live near the metro, you may want to find another location to store your wine.

Finally, as your wine cellar grows like wildflowers you can use two simple things to help organize your cellar. Plastic tabs containing the wine’s name and vintage can be placed around the bottle’s neck to help you determine which wine is in front of you without having to pull the bottle off the rack.